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"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance.  

It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."  Timothy Gallway 

Graceful Yoga

Yoga provides an opportunity for participants to move minds and bodies synchronistically.  This synergy soothes away worries and muscle tension. Combined movements that flow together with breathwork provide beginners and experienced participants an opportunity to move freely.  

The releasing of tension in the mind and body promotes inner and outer strength, a healthy channeling of emotion and and outpouring of strength that comes from within supporting participants long after the duration of each class.  Participants may use a towel or yoga mat, water bottle and comfortable clothing for flowing movements.  

Facilitated by Certified Hathya Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Elizabeth Nelson, this course provides group coaching using flowing body movements including:
  • stretching
  • strengthening
  • spine lengthening
  • hatha vinyasa yoga

Graceful Yoga maintains a focus on breathwork and posture; participants will feel noticably better after just a few sessions.  However, participants are encouraged to come try a class and stay for a season.  

Transition to a
Healthier You!  

Course fee includes our weekly catered menu 
Thursdays September 29 - December 15

This low glycemic nutrition course is facilitated by Elizabeth Nelson, MA Certifed TLS Slim low glycemic nutrition coach.  Transitions Lifestyle Coach Certified 2010. 

Elizabeth has facilitated the Transitions Lifestyle Progam in hospitals, wellness centers, whole food stores and spas.  

This fall join Elizabeth as she teaches best what she needs most! 
Simple Shape Up 

What if you knew that you could train your body and your mind one muscle group at a time? 

What if you could adapt your training to your mood and your energy levels? 

What if your coaching included tips from the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Training course combined with Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and low glycemic nutrition? 

Would you be able to commit to one day per week for your upper body and one day per week for your lower body? 

If you are new to exercise, or you are returning from a period of time where you have not exercised, then join the Simple Shape Up community.  

Simple Shape Up classes are open to participants on-going; however participants are encouraged to come for one day and stay for a season.  

Your mind and body will progress using stability and core strengthing exercises, breathwork, and postural alignment and before long you will be incorporating this functional exercises and breathwork into everyday activites like grocery shopping and getting in and out of your car.  

Simple Shape Up classes begin on a stability ball in a circle.  Each participant will use hand weights, an exercise mat, a Bosu and a water bottle.  

Watch for Simple Shape Up coming soon. 

"If at first you don't succeed, try doing what your coach told you to do the first time."